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432Hz Realtime Audio Harmonizer

Listen with your Heart!

432Hz is a natural mothertone of the Universe. Since about 1939 people have decided to tune musical instruments to 440Hz instead of 432Hz with all the consequences that entails. The 432Hz Harmonizer converts music tuned at 440Hz (most of the music) to 432Hz in real time. So you can listen to your favorite music source such as radio, Spotify or Apple Music without negative consequences. 432Hz promotes deep grounding, gets you out of your head and aligns you with the source.

432Hz Harmonizer

Sounds great, feels fantastic and grounds deep!

The Harmonizer converts music that is in many cases designed for 440Hz to the mother tone 432Hz. This music will sound slightly different because of this. If you are used to listening to certain music a lot, it may take some getting used to. Therefore, give the product some time. You will notice that you become better grounded and that you move out of your head and towards your heart and, for example, process more in dreams.

Handmade in The Netherlands on the Noord-Oost Veluwe!

The Harmonizer is a product designed and handmade in the Netherlands. With its anodized aluminum housing, it keeps out disturbing radiation. In addition to the electronics to convert 440Hz to 432Hz, the Harmonizer contains a coating of quartz sand and the music runs through double 7-turn coils with a ferrite core. This brings an extra cosmic alignment and a more organic listening experience that feels analogous.

Specifications 432Hz Harmonizer:

  • 16 bit stereo ADC and DAC
  • 192 kHz sampling rate
  • 600 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 CPU
  • USB (5V) powered
  • Energy consumption 0,6 Wh
  • Gold plated 3,5mm audio jack in
  • Gold plated RCA connectors out

What do you get?

  • 432Hz Harmonizer
  • USB power supply

Correct installation of the Harmonizer is important. Because of this and because I would like to get to know my customers, I offer installation at your location. At the same time I can also check with you what kind of cables you need and would like (cables are extra and at additional cost). I offer this service in Holland in the Zwolle/Apeldoorn region.

Price (including installation)



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